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Live the life you would be jealous of

Sometimes getting on Facebook can be depressing.

Whether it is seeing couples 10 years my junior getting engaged and married, or seeing the awesome adventures of those not bound by the grueling monotony of the 9-5 workplace, I can get a bit discouraged at times.  (Thankfully there are enough animated cat gifs to boost the happy)

One thing that so many people long for is the opportunity for travel adventures. I see pictures of people doing yoga poses on top of a mountain, or taking a selfie with an antelope out in the wilderness somewhere.  And I, like many, ask, “how do they get to do that? I wish my life were like that!”

We all know those ‘lucky’ people…

But what if we were one of those people in the eyes of others?

“Those adventurous people” don’t often post about their exhaustion, depression, anxiety, or monotonous tasks, but they still exist. You only get to see a small window into the awesomeness they share.

We can live the life we would be jealous of if we saw it on facebook.  There is great power in perspective.  You don’t have to have extravagant opportunities or travel to find excitement.

I challenge you to try to take a look at your life as others view it on facebook.  So often I have taken a picture of something in my immediate surroundings (a lily growing in my apartment complex,  a close-up of a chipmuk eyeball, an odd angle on mundane familiar objects, etc..) and people comment in awe at the adventure of my life!

We can CHOOSE to make the mundane magnificent! We can make adventure from the average!

Finally, there’s always photoshop. If you can’t make it to the Amazon rainforest, at least lie to all your friends and pretend you were there!  Just kidding! Just stand in your backyard and pretend the garden hose is an anaconda. Adventure awaits in the simplest of places!